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Present in 28 countries, Compagnie Financière Tradition SA is one of the world leaders in the sector of IDB (Inter Dealer Broker). The Group provides intermediation services on a wide range of financial and non-financial products. Compagnie Financière Tradition shares are listed on the Swiss stock exchange.


TSAF is particularly active on organized markets, whether it is equity or derivative markets. It is a member of the main regulated European and American markets and has access to the main liquidity centers. The teams are based in Paris but also in its London branch.


TSAF OTC operates from Paris mainly in over-the-counter markets and offers its clients high liquidity over a very wide range of products. The professionalism of TSAF and TSAF OTC is widely recognized in the market place as evidenced by the trust that their many customers place in them.

Key figures

Compagnie Financière Tradition SA share ended the year at CHF 104.5, a 5.0 % decrease, bringing the market capitalisation of the Company to CHF 780.9 million at 31 December 2021. The Company’s two benchmarks indices, the Swiss Market Index (SMI) and the SPI EXTRA, ended 2021 a rise of 20.3% and 22.2% respectively.

2021 key figures of the Tradition Group :
  • United Kingdom
  • Americas
  • Asia - Pacific
  • Continental Europe

By geographical region, (in %)

  • Currencies and interest rates
  • Securities and security derivatives
  • Commodities and other

By product, (in %)

  • United Kingdom
  • Americas
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Continental Europe

By geographic region, (in %)

A global network and local expertise

Tradition is renowned for recruiting and retaining experienced brokers. We focus our efforts on building relationships of trust. We strive to develop the pillars of our success – high-value individuals and multicultural broker teams.

Tradition has unrivaled expertise in market perception, liquidity and execution. With strong experience in a variety of market environments and the relationships they have developed internationally, our brokers provide our clients with first-rate market intelligence and analysis.

Tradition’s customers can be assured of a competitive edge by leveraging a global network backed by local expertise.

Our values: quality and performance

As part of its salary policy, each Group office provides individualized salary management, valuing each employee’s expertise and responsibilities, and variable compensation that takes into account both individual and collective performance. In addition, the Group values ​​talent, respect for values ​​and the loyalty of individuals. The Group’s human resources management is based primarily on highly operational employee training, with the aim of continuously improving the quality of services offered to clients, while promoting individual growth.

Individual fulfillment can only be envisaged in the context of employees’ absolute respect for the ethical and deontological rules defined within each office, as well as compliance with the regulations applicable to the activities of Group companies. Respect for these strong values ​​is in the exercise of the profession but also in the individual behavior of each, and the quality of supervision by qualified managers. The employees are in the line of their duties, the representatives of the Group and the guarantors of its image outside.

Structured Products

An international team to offer you a personalized service, independently.

Established in 2002, the Structured Products of TSAF-OTC has 10 experienced brokers and is one of the finest success stories in this market in recent years. As the volume of exchange of structured products continues to increase, we offer our investors personalized service and highly responsive decision-making processes.

Products List


Money markets
  • Deposit
  • Certificates of deposits
  • Treasury bills
  • FRA (Forward Rate Agreements)
  • Short term IRS
  • Currency Swaps

Credit bonds
Government Bonds
  • Strip OAT
  • OATI
  • Repos

Convertible bonds
Repos corporate
Structured products


  • Interest rates futures and options
  • Fixed income futures and options
  • Index futures and options
  • Options on equities
  • Currencies futures and options
  • Commodities futures and options
  • OTC Options

Cash equities
  • European equities
  • American equities
  • ETF
  • Other foreign equities

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